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My journalism has appeared in  AARP The Magazine, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, CityLabJohns Hopkins Health Review, Johns Hopkins Magazine, the Washington Post, and on NPR.

I’ve written the text for a photodocumentary on the Baltimore City Fire Department (…In Service), ghostwritten books and speeches for a variety of clients, and edited manuscripts for several authors.

I’m in the midst of developing two projects: a novel of connected stories that explore the interplay between being and place, and a


revamped screenplay on a failed (male) detective’s ham-fisted efforts to unravel a human trafficking ring.

As an educator, I lead annual seminars on journalism and creative nonfiction for high school students at the Carver Center for Arts and Technology, north of Baltimore, and lecture at Towson University’s Osher Lifelong Learning Institute program each year, creating courses that focus on history and media issues.

Here's my CV.  For additional samples of my work beyond those posted on my site, check Muckrack




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    We reflexively connect the most charged moments of our lives, whether they be exhilarating or soul-sapping, with the places where we’ve experienced them. My fiction frequently limns how geography can non-deterministically help form character. The novel of connected stories I’m writing reflects how geography makes a mark on a person, and how other people in those places do the dirty work of imbuing the landscapes of our lives with meaning.

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    Once a novel-in-the-making, my human-trafficking saga, featuring the fallen detective, Landon Yu, is now being converted back to its first incarnation: a screenplay. I’ve struggled with putting a man in the center of a story filled with women, many of whom are victims. I’m hoping the strong band of women who work, often in opposition to each other, to help those coerced into this global trade will make Yu’s central presence palatable to thoughtful readers. You can find a short-story treatment of the opener here.

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    And I’m wrestling some journalism and content assignments to the ground, along with doing a handful of webinar- and podcast-hosting gigs for publishing clients.

    Find out more about what I'm doing from my blog.


I am an award-winning journalist and author whose work has encompassed everything from education to music, politics to social justice, and science to sports. Though I’m versatile, my work has maintained a single focus: learning as much as I can about people so I can understand them and tell their stories.


Interested in working with me? Send me an email and I'll get back to you ASAP: michael@michaelanft.com


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