My journalism has appeared in  AARP The Magazine, Atlantic CityLab, The Chronicle of Higher Education, The Chronicle of Philanthropy, Johns Hopkins Health Review, Johns Hopkins Magazine, and on NPR.

I also teach annual seminars on journalism and creative nonfiction at the Carver Center for Arts and Technology, in Towson, Md., have served as contributing editor for two books (Passion in Philosophy and The Mezcal Rush), ghostwrote a how-to book, and am writing a novel. Here's my CV.



I'm in the midst of writing a noir-tinged novel about sex trafficking in the mid-Atlantic. Three years of reporting and researching the subject have showed me who the victims are and the many ways they're exploited. But my gumshoe work has also led me to some surprising encounters with cops, members of "the rescue industry," and some hard-bitten advocates for trafficked women who believe that the only way to free them is to legalize sex work and offer its employees benefits and counseling.

The would-be fixes for trafficking reflect a tangle of passions regarding justice, morality, and power--the competing forces that drive and underlie our national obsession with sex.


    You can read the opening chapter here.

I am an award-winning journalist and author whose work has encompassed everything from education to music, politics to social justice, and science to sports. Though I’m versatile, my work has maintained a single focus: learning as much as I can about people so I can understand them and tell their stories.


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