"A road trip just seems like the right idea, even as we roll out of Cambridge via Boston late, enduring the usual, halting-and-honking 85 minutes just to get a whiff of the New Hampshire line...."

      "The first time Gris came to see me, I could smell the need. It had the primal power of a profound sweat. It radiated from him in the same way extreme heat escapes asphalt on a treeless highway. Which is to say it announced itself...."

      "It was getting late and Swats Stenersen’s head pounded. He stepped out of the box and let out a small sigh. He knew what he had to do. Everyone did. It’s what he did every goddamn time he was sent up there...."

   " A day in December is always remembered. A day in December is always remembered.

    Ms. Murtoid was told to repeat that line until she could recite it without prompting..."

First chapter of a forthcoming novel on sex trafficking in the mid-Atlantic.